Informal Reviews

This idea to promote Awareness has two parts:

Part 1:
Setup a company webpage with the “best practices” for office security. This might need to be approved by HR.

The webpage would have things like:

Ctrl, Alt, Delete, When not in your seat!
Lock your door when you leave.
Don’t leave confidential papers on your desk.
Lock your desk.

Part 2:
If while performing our other duties we notice that a person is not doing these things then we pop into their office and leave a Special Business card. (I’d say wait 1 minute in the office before leaving the card.)

The front of the card would have the Company logo and the Words “Security Awareness is everyone’s job’ and a link to the “best practices” page.
The back of the card would have boxes to check what was wrong. It’s an informal Security Audit.

The keyword is “Informal.” The fact that they are not getting written up for violations and not getting lectured about what is wrong gives them a chance to change on there own.


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