Almost pwnd by my watch!

So I bought a MP3 watch on E-Bay. It has 2gig of storage and doesn’t look like an MP3 watch. So I waited my two to three weeks for the slow boat to get here. I plugged the watch in to charge and started reading the instructions. That was a waste of time, I can understand anything the tried to translate. The next day I plug it into my computer and Norton pop’s up and the message is Warning infected with W32.Rajump – RavMon.exe

The ad said “100%NEW! Never been Used Before.” I e-mailed them asking why there was a virus on it and they answered with the following.

Dear E-BayID,
We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused you. we will give you full refund, please check your paypal account later, and please feel free to return the items to follow address and leave positive feedback to us, we will do same to you:
Address: 16G Block C, guo qi Building, Shang Bu road, Futian Shenzhen, China 518000
Please mark my Tel number on the mail:13724288098
Please mark the item number and your ebay id in the mail.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us through ebay message so that we can respond you in time.
sorry again.

I have e-mailed them again:

Dear excellbay,

I want to keep the watch, not return it. The reason the I was e-mailing was to find out why a “new” watch would have a virus on it? The issue of positive or negative feedback I haven’t even thought about. Sadly I got the watch as promissed the question is if it is truly new with a virus?

FYI:The E-bay user is: excellbay

2 Responses

  1. The watch’s stem broke so I couldn’t adjust the time. So I sent it back. I hope they replace it like they said. Then I get to see if it is infected too. The watch was made or at least is sold by I’ll update the comments when I get the new watch.

  2. We covered something related to this on episode 1 of our podcast regarding malicious circuitry which can be found here:

    Beware of China, all you get are trojans and lead paint!

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