Physical Security in MDF,IDF, and Phone rooms

Physical Security in MDF,IDF, and Phone rooms

All the companies that I’ve worked for have had the policy of “Never leave unauthorized people alone in the MDF’s, IDF’s , and the phone room’s. “ That being said, over the past year or so I’ve been talking to Phone Guy’s/Gal’s and such that have come to do work in these “sensitive areas.”

I asked them “How many companies require someone be with them? The answer is about half. That doesn’t seem very good. So then I start asking about the people that hang out with them. It seems that again only about half are computer and/or phone people. It seems odd that you would put a guard on the worker that doesn’t know anything about phones and computers.

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  1. All good questions and a very common problem.

    Even fewer places have a process in place to verify the identity of the phone guy that shows up. If someone shows up who is dressed like the “phone guy” most places will simply let him right in. I have only seen one or two place that check a photo ID, company ID and call the phone company to verify the identity of the tech. Granted this is a lot of work but once you let someone into a comm closet you are basically giving them the keys to kingdom.

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