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David Lauer has been involved in the computer industry since 1990. His broad background covers a large part of the IT industry. He began his career in programming and database development before he found his calling in networking and security (where his professional strengths and personal preferences mesh seamlessly). He has found that this knowledge of software development and database design often gives him a unique perspective on day-to-day issues.
This site is dedicated to things relating to Computer Security. Mostly it is going to be for the discussion of funny computer related security stories. It works like this. You e-mail me the story, I make sure the content doesn’t give away any vital corporate type information and then I post a web page with your story. Removing all header info (cut and paste into a blank form.) This lets me control the content of what is posted.

My view “Trends
Everyone likes to talk about the trends in Security. The question could be is it a trend or the norm? The only thing that I have noticed is that while Good guy tools get better and Bad guy tools get better the users stay about the same. Sadly they the believe that Security isn’t their job and to a point it isn’t. Users like to get on there favorite sites, read e-mail, and click on that link. I think educating the user is the only way to stop or at least slow down the bad guys.

For now please e-mail d @ securi-d .com. Please put the words “Securi-D Story Submission” in the subject line.


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  1. Glad you’ve come so far since the TRS-80 days!

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