Updates, Updates, Updates, What about your PDA?

This last week everyone has been running around saying “Patch this, update that!” But what about your PDA? I’ve been having issues with my PDA so I updated the OS and then went and found all the apps I had installed to re-install. (I know I could have backed them up but I wasn’t sure if the problem wasn’t caused but an app. ) I was amazed at home many updates where made to each of apps.

The moral is to remember the little machines need updates too.

P.S My dad updated his router and made his Internet connection slower so careful with what you update.


Microphones are a great tool when it comes to speaking in front of a large audience. I keep wondering how so many speakers can spend so much time in front of their microphones and keep using incorrectly.

1. Speak into the microphone.

2. Hold the microphone in front of you mouth. (Not on your stomach or by your Side.)

3. If you can turn the base down and the treble up a little. You may sound funny but you’ll be understandable.

4. No mumbling.

5. Remember when the microphone is on!

If your presentation depends on a laser pointer or a remote control for your slides, then go buy one. They cost less than a $100 for a really nice one. It looks a lot better to be prepared than asking the venue if they have an extra unit lying around. Having two is better than none. Backups are good right?

Informal Reviews

This idea to promote Awareness has two parts:

Part 1:
Setup a company webpage with the “best practices” for office security. This might need to be approved by HR.

The webpage would have things like:

Ctrl, Alt, Delete, When not in your seat!
Lock your door when you leave.
Don’t leave confidential papers on your desk.
Lock your desk.

Part 2:
If while performing our other duties we notice that a person is not doing these things then we pop into their office and leave a Special Business card. (I’d say wait 1 minute in the office before leaving the card.)

The front of the card would have the Company logo and the Words “Security Awareness is everyone’s job’ and a link to the “best practices” page.
The back of the card would have boxes to check what was wrong. It’s an informal Security Audit.

The keyword is “Informal.” The fact that they are not getting written up for violations and not getting lectured about what is wrong gives them a chance to change on there own.

Tag Lines

Here are some cute and simple tag lines to add to your e-mails to quietly remind people about security. As always if you have some suggestions please e-mail me.

Sample Tag Lines or Signature files

  • Ctrl, Alt, Delete, When not in your seat!
  • You lock up your wallet or purse when you leave your desk. Why not your computer?
  • Security is everyone’s job.
  • Did you lock your car today? Why not your office?
  • “Sec rity” is not complete without U.
  • Have you been Phished today? Let us know…


I’ve listened and read lots of reports about security, I’ve noticed that one common theme is that our users need to be educated. The education needs to be presented in a non-confrontational, but memorable manner. If the presentation needs to be confrontational then remember that there needs to be a way for the user to “Save Face.” If you don’t they will not learn anything and they will resent you even more.

So with that I’m collecting and creating some simple training material to promote Security Awareness.