WarGames 25th Anniversary


Wow I feel old. Its been 25 years already. Check this out:


I’m going to try and make it to:

Severance Stadium 14

If your going to go let me know.


Symantec chat no better but Good phone support!

So after having fun / failure with Sony I chatted with Symantec. The only saving grace was that the lady I talked to on the phone was awesome and friendly. Sadly Norton doesn’t seem to offer this disk anymore. They did offer to clean the machine if I could get it on the net but I couldn’t as you’ll see.

(I didn’t change the phone number. It’s the one I gave him.)

Mr. David has entered room.

Manu has entered room.

Manu(Fri Jun 27 16:07:50 EDT 2008)>Welcome to Symantec Support, my name is Manu.

Manu(Fri Jun 27 16:08:07 EDT 2008)>Welcome to Symantec Virus & Spyware Solutions.

Is this the first time you are contacting us or do you have a Priority ID?

Mr. David (Fri Jun 27 19:15:06 EDT 2008)>First time

Mr. David (Fri Jun 27 19:15:13 EDT 2008)>no ID sorry

Manu(Fri Jun 27 16:08:38 EDT 2008)>May I confirm your email address as  

xxx@xxx.net and direct phone number as  123-123-1234  , am I right?

Mr. David (Fri Jun 27 19:15:32 EDT 2008)>correct.

Manu(Fri Jun 27 16:09:01 EDT 2008)>May I know which country you are

connected from and Please provide me your alternate phone number or mobile


Mr. David (Fri Jun 27 19:16:08 EDT 2008)>I don’t have one.

Manu(Fri Jun 27 16:09:43 EDT 2008)>May I know which country you are

connected from?

Mr. David (Fri Jun 27 19:16:39 EDT 2008)>USA

Mr. David (Fri Jun 27 19:16:44 EDT 2008)>Cleveland OH

Manu(Fri Jun 27 16:10:15 EDT 2008)>May I know if your computer is on network

or it is a stand alone PC?

Manu(Fri Jun 27 16:10:18 EDT 2008)>Are you connected from the computer,

which is facing this particular issue?

Mr. David (Fri Jun 27 19:17:15 EDT 2008)>Do you still have the file

that you can download and burn to a CD to boot a computer?

Mr. David (Fri Jun 27 19:17:26 EDT 2008)>Standalone

Mr. David (Fri Jun 27 19:17:37 EDT 2008)>Its not this computer

Manu(Fri Jun 27 16:10:59 EDT 2008)>I shall explain that

Manu(Fri Jun 27 16:11:06 EDT 2008)>Thank You for all the information. I

would now create a Priority ID for you.

Mr. David (Fri Jun 27 19:18:08 EDT 2008)>The machine restarts the

desktop whenever i try to do anything

Manu(Fri Jun 27 16:12:16 EDT 2008)>Thank You for your patience.

Your Priority ID is  nnnnnnnnnn. Please make a note of it for future


Mr. David(Fri Jun 27 19:19:26 EDT 2008)>Is there a way to build a

current bootable cd from inside norton Corporate ed.

Manu(Fri Jun 27 16:12:41 EDT 2008)>As I understand from your issue

description is you want a CD to boot your PC ,Am I correct?

Mr. David(Fri Jun 27 19:19:52 EDT 2008)>Yep, Then I can try to fix it.

Manu(Fri Jun 27 16:13:31 EDT 2008)>David , do you suspect virus/spyware

activity in your computer?

Mr. David(Fri Jun 27 19:20:27 EDT 2008)>Yes

Manu(Fri Jun 27 16:14:03 EDT 2008)>David , do you suspect virus/spyware

activity in your computer?

Mr. David(Fri Jun 27 19:21:07 EDT 2008)>yes/yes

Manu(Fri Jun 27 16:14:51 EDT 2008)>May I know whether you have downloaded

any free software’s, animation’s, free music, movies etc from the
internet recently? Or did you accept any ActiveX controls or video codec’s

when prompted from unreliable websites?

Mr. David(Fri Jun 27 19:22:24 EDT 2008)>I didn’t. A friend asked me to

help him fix the laptop.,

Mr. David(Fri Jun 27 19:23:04 EDT 2008)>Right now the system restarts

explore.exe about ever 10 to 20 second.

Manu(Fri Jun 27 16:16:38 EDT 2008)>David ,We will help you resolve all the

virus issues from your system, by transferring you to our virus removal
technicians, who will take Remote Access of your computer , diagnose the

computer completely and resolve theissues for youHowever, for that you will need to connect from the infectedcomputer

Mr. David(Fri Jun 27 19:23:52 EDT 2008)>The machine can’t connect to the internet.

Mr. David(Fri Jun 27 19:24:06 EDT 2008)>That’s why I was looking for the boot cd.

Manu(Fri Jun 27 16:17:59 EDT 2008)>David ,In that case, we will not be able

to help you. We can help you only if you are chatting to me from the infected pc
as we will have to take control over that particular pc tinfecting the computer

Mr. David(Fri Jun 27 19:25:31 EDT 2008)>Do you know if you still have

the boot cd on your website?

Manu(Fri Jun 27 16:19:14 EDT 2008)>I request you to check that on the website

Manu(Fri Jun 27 16:19:19 EDT 2008)>Is there anything else I can help you with?

Mr. David(Fri Jun 27 19:26:29 EDT 2008)>I did but I couldn’t find it.

That is why I did the chat.

Mr. David(Fri Jun 27 19:26:43 EDT 2008)>Nothing else. Thanks

Once again reading the language is different from knowing it. What they need is a way to build a Virus cleaning CD/DVD.

Sony can read English just not understand it

So I was working on cleaning the virus’s and such of a Sony Vaio laptop. The machine is a real mess. I cann’t even load stuff to clean it and I think it has a sata drive. LiveCd’s cann’t or aren’t mounting the drive. Time to pull the drive and clean it from another machine. There is no easy way to get to the hard drive on this machine. So I did the chat online with Sony. They asked for the model of the machine and a discription of the problem. I stated that I wanted to know how to pull the hard drive out so I could clean off the virus’s. I get connected and here is a copy of the discussion. I left my spelling mistakes in the post for fairness, but still. Support staff need to understand the language they are speaking not just be able to read it.


Subject: eSupport Chat Transcript  
eSupport Chat TranscriptJenny_ > Hi David. Welcome to Sony Online Support. I’m Jenny. Please allow me a moment to review your concern.
david > Hi
Jenny_ > Thanks for waiting, David. I’ll be glad to assist you with the information to format the Hard Drive.
david > Hi, I don’t want to format it.
david > I need to remove it so I can Clean it.
Jenny_ > I’m sorry for the confusion, David.
david > Ok, So how do i remove the drive?
Jenny_ > David, I suggest that you perform the System Recovery using the VAIO Recovery Wizard. Performing the Recovery will erase the data from the Computer and reinstalls all the Original Applications, Original Drivers and the Operating System that is supplied with the Computer.
david > But that also looses the data on the drive.
david > Are there any doc’s that talk about replacing the drive?
Jenny_ > David, to clean the Virus on the Hard Drive you may perform the complete Virus Scan.
david > True but the Viruses that are on this machine will not let that happen. In safe mode or normal.
david > I need to remove the drive to pull the info of and scan it from another computer.
Jenny_ > David, please stay online while I che!
ck this information for you.
Jenny_ > Thanks for waiting, David.
david > so ant info?
Jenny_ > David, are you trying to save the Data on the other Computer?
david > I will be after I get it out of the computer. That’s why I need to remove the hard drive.
david > So how do I remove the hard drive from the!
Jenny_ > I’m sorry; Sony doesn’t recommend to remove the Hard Drive by the end user.
david > I wouldn’t consider myself an end-user.
david > Also you’ll get to read about this on my blog.
david > Thanks for waisting my time again….
david > You can read about it on www.securi-d.com
david > I’ll try to post it tomorrow.
Jenny_ > I’m sorry; However, you may try contacting the Direct Accessories and Parts Center to obtain the Service Manual to get the instructions to remove the Hard Drive.
Jenny_ > Would you like to have the contact information of Direct Accessories and Parts Center?
david > no, bye

Yes, they did offer to sell me a manual that might have told me how to remove it but 20-30 minutes to tell me that is wrong. I had hoped they’d do better after that whole rootkit thing they did a little while ago.


If passwords are like underwear, Shutdowns are like flushing.

Shutdown got stuck!

The other day I noticed the machine above. It’s in the middle of shutting down. It had been sitting there for a few hours. Out of curiosity I started to see what I could do. I wasn’t able to start jobs/programs because I was in the middle of a shutdown. I was able to view folders and pictures. That gave me some of the inspiration needed to create the following poster. (Links to the PDF in the downloads section above.)


New way to store Passwords.

Just learned of a new password storage device. Sharpie on the laptop wrist rest. Get a new laptop when you run out of printable space?

Just learned of a new password storage device. Sharpie on the laptop wrist rest. Get a new laptop when you run out of printable space? The owner of the laptop noticed the look on my face and asked if “I wanted a picture?” So the deal was the blurring of the passwords.

VA speed traps?

I snapped these pictures on the way home from VA on 77N. The signs entering VA said that Speed is monitored by radar, air, and other electronic means.

Camera in VA on 77

Apple credit

I keep listening to everyone talking about how Apple doesn’t have the virus and malware issues that the rest of the world does. The interesting thing is that the cost of a Mac is much higher that that of a PC. So wouldn’t this mean that the credit score of the Apple owner would generally be higher? If so then they could be better targets even if there are fewer of them.

Almost pwnd by my watch!

So I bought a MP3 watch on E-Bay. It has 2gig of storage and doesn’t look like an MP3 watch. So I waited my two to three weeks for the slow boat to get here. I plugged the watch in to charge and started reading the instructions. That was a waste of time, I can understand anything the tried to translate. The next day I plug it into my computer and Norton pop’s up and the message is Warning infected with W32.Rajump – RavMon.exe

The ad said “100%NEW! Never been Used Before.” I e-mailed them asking why there was a virus on it and they answered with the following.

Dear E-BayID,
We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused you. we will give you full refund, please check your paypal account later, and please feel free to return the items to follow address and leave positive feedback to us, we will do same to you:
Address: 16G Block C, guo qi Building, Shang Bu road, Futian Shenzhen, China 518000
Please mark my Tel number on the mail:13724288098
Please mark the item number and your ebay id in the mail.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us through ebay message so that we can respond you in time.
sorry again.

I have e-mailed them again:

Dear excellbay,

I want to keep the watch, not return it. The reason the I was e-mailing was to find out why a “new” watch would have a virus on it? The issue of positive or negative feedback I haven’t even thought about. Sadly I got the watch as promissed the question is if it is truly new with a virus?

FYI:The E-bay user is: excellbay

Shmoocon was awesome!!!


Shmoocon was great. Learned a lot, met a lot of new friends, and got to see old friends. I took some great pictures at the Saturday night pictures. Sadly I can only post a few of them. Two of my favorite pictures from the party are of the coat rack. A security conference and almost everyones coat is in the pile.  

Coat rack at Shmoocon 2008 (Pic 1)

Coat rack at Shmoocon 2008 (Pic 2)

Here is a link to my ShmooBall launcher.


If I haven’t sent you your pictures please send me an e-mail and let me know.




I’m Dave. This site is dedicated to things relating to Computer Security. Mostly it is going to be for the discussion of funny computer related security stories. It works like this. You e-mail me the story, I make sure the content doesn’t give away any vital corporate type information and then I post a web page with your story. Removing all header info (cut and paste into a blank form.) This lets me control the content of what is posted.

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